Why I hate Windows Vista

This post is not that much related to Japan other than there are as many reasons to hate Windows Vista here as in any other place. Imagine that you are at work, or internship. You are soon done with your project. All that is left is for your paper to be done. You are writing in Word, because you found a suiting template for an IEEE paper. You are sitting and writing. It is sooo boring, and takes too much time and effort. You are not in the mood for unexpected trouble. So what happens then? Well, since you are too inconsiderate and use that crappy piece of an OS from that crappy but yet mighty company M$, that never ever cares about quality, but just how they can get more money and power in the easiest and cheapest way (which explains why it spells its name with a ‘$’), you freaking shit is rebooting automatically just because of the damn shitfucking Windows Update (Note that I have a policy not to use bad words on my blog, but when writing about M$ there is an exception). WHY do they do this? It is clearly an evil act. The worst part is that I am sure I deactivated that stupid automatic updating system in my first week in Japan. But after installing Word(!) it was activated again! *CENSORED CENSORED CENSORED* (Yes, the policy still applies to the most extreme phrases.). Not that I lost any important data, but it annoying and most of all it is WRONG, morally wrong. My only joy is that I am sure they will not last forever. Justice shall prevail!

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Irene SjöströmJanuary 7th, 2010 at 8:51 pm

Jag lämnar ingen kommentar betr. ditt hat till Vista. Sådana där grejer förstår jag ju mig inte på. Men, men, här är visserligen “bara” ca 10 minus i Gbg, men i övriga landet är det kallare. 40 minus igår på ett ställe! Du får nog vara glad att det inte är dit du skall. Välkommen hem förresten!

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