Things I never mentioned: Solid Coffee

In my first week in Japan I was very ambitious with my research at the company. The experience was new for me and the things I read about were quite interesting. I worked overtime to late evening the whole week. On my way home I was usually starving and one day I was unlucky enough to have an empty fridge. At this time I had not yet understood the Japanese system and had no idea that all the convenience stores are open 24 hours so I was desperate to find a restaurant of cafe to get some food, but they were all closed. My last desperate attempt was to look for something “foodish” in the vending machines they have everywhere. The most solid thing I found was jelly coffee. Mind that it is not as bad as it sounds. It is worse! But I tried it. The problem with jelly though is that it is solid. I could not get it out of the can. Apparently you are supposed to shake the can before you open it but I did not think about that. I had to wait until next day before I could get something to eat, but I really believe it was a better option than to actually “drink” that coffee. I still have not tried it. I never will. I would show a picture but since both of my backups of my pictures were spoiled and I formatted my harddrive I cannot. :-(

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