Clean Again

My girlfriend left yesterday. Sad. But at least now I can manage to get my apartment clean again. The human resources guy at work always asks me if I clean my home when he gives me my salary every month. If he just knew what it means to have a Swedish girlfriend over for a week he would have got himself a shock with post symptoms worse than swine flue. Now it is all back to normal though. In the evening I went to a good-bye-party for another trainee who was going back to Australia. I found some 96 % vodka shots and learned about the effects the hard way. But still I am surprisingly well today. I even went out to try to find some good pants in the Shinjuku area. There is one store, quite big where they sell clothes for bigger people. They were nice but quite unexpectingly I could not find any that were small enough, they were too big. Furthermore when I walked out of the elevator when going back out I almost walked into a Japanese guy who was a head taller than me. It was quite scary since I am not used to that.

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